Teacher Workday
JHS-Basketball at Aynor
FSD5 Board Meeting
Teacher Workday
JHS-Varsity Boys Basketball at Waccamaw Christmas Tournament (TBA)
JHS-JV Baseball at Hannah-Pamplico (DH)
JHS-Academic Challenge at Georgetown High
JHS-Academic Challenge Regional Tournament at FMU
JHS-JV Baseball vs. Lake City (Home)
JHS-JV Baseball vs. Latta (Home)
JHS-Basketball vs. Carvers Bay (Home) SENIOR NIGHT
Winter Break
JHS-Basketball at Lamar
FSD5 Board Meeting
JHS-JV Softball at Latta
JHS Graduation
JHS-JV Softball at Georgetown
JHS-Track at Carvers Bay
JHS-Varsity Softball at Latta
JMS - Hat & Crazy for Reading Day
JHS-Basketball vs. Hemingway (Home)
JHS-Region Track at Carvers Bay
JHS-Golf vs. Carvers Bay
JHS-Track (Senior Night)
JHS-Optional Academic Challenge Match at Manning
JHS-Varsity Softball vs. East Clarendon (Home)
JHS-Varsity Baseball vs. Carvers Bay (Home)
Cap and Gown Photos
Parent/Teacher Conferences (after school)
JHS-Varsity Baseball at Carvers Bay
JES 100th Day of School
JES Literacy Day
JHS-Exam Review
JHS Golf vs. Andrews (18)
JMS - Basketball vs. Georgetown @ Home
JHS-Varsity Baseball at Hemingway
JHS-State Track Event
JHS-JV Baseball at Lake City
JHS-Golf vs. Georgetown
JHS-Golf vs. Hannah-Pamplico
JHS-Varsity Softball at Wando (scrimmage)
Report Cards
JHS-Basketball vs. East Clarendon (Home)
JES 4K/5K/Special Service Christmas Program
JMS - Basketball vs. Carvers Bay @ CB
JHS-Varsity Softball vs. Carolina Forest (Home)
JHS-JV Softball vs. Latta (Home)
JHS-Exam Review
JHS-Varsity Baseball vs. Hemingway (Home)
JHS-JV Softball at East Clarendon
JHS-Varsity Softball vs. Loris (Home)
JHS-Boys Basketball at Carvers Bay (TBA)
JMS - Basketball vs. Rosemary @ Andrews
FSD5 Board Meeting
JHS-EOC Biology
JHS-School Improvement Council Meeting
JHS-Basketball at Scotts Branch
JMS - Basketball vs. Waccamaw @ Home
JHS-JV Softball at Andrews
JHS-Golf vs. East Clarendon
JHS-Golf vs. Hannah-Pamplico
Golf vs. Georgetown
JHS-EOC U. S. History
Spring Musical-"The Little Mermaid"
JES Pageant
FSD5 Board Meeting
JHS-Varsity Softball at East Clarendon
JHS-Varsity Softball vs. Hannah-Pamplico (Home)
JHS-JV Baseball vs. Hannah-Pamplico (DH)
District Talent Show Auditions
JHS-JV Baseball vs. Wilson (Home)
JHS-Varsity Softball vs. Carvers Bay (Home)
JHS-Track at Georgetown
JHS-Varsity Softball at Loris
JHS-Varsity Baseball at Conway (scrimmage)
JHS-School Improvement Council Meeting (Rescheduled)
JHS-Academic Challenge Team Match vs. Faculty/Staff
90th Day of School: Half Day for Students
JHS-Varsity Softball at Carolina Forest
JHS-JV Softball at Waccamaw
JMS - Basketball vs. Waccamaw @ Waccamaw
JMS - Basketball vs. Rosemary @ Home
JHS-Track State Qualifiers
JHS- Football Banquet
JES 3rd/4th Grade Christmas Program
Half Day for Students (180th Day)
JMS - Cozy Up With A Book
JHS-Exams Blocks 2 and 4
JHS-Varsity Softball at Andrews
JHS-Basketball at Andrews
JMS - Drama/Show Choir Field Trip
JHS-JV Baseball at Latta
JHS-JV Softball at Carolina Forest
JHS-JV Baseball at Wilson
JHS-Varsity Softball at Waccamaw (Scrimmage)
Memorial Day Holiday
JHS-JV Softball vs. Loris (Home)
JES PTO Meeting
JHS-JV Baseball vs. Carvers Bay (Home)
JHS-JV Softball at Loris
JHS-Basketball vs. Lamar (Home)
JHS-JV Softball vs. Hannah Pamplico (Home)
JHS-Varsity Softball vs. Andrews (Home) Senior Night
JHS-Varsity Baseball vs. St. James (Home)
JHS-Varsity Baseball at Wilson
JHS-Senior Graduation Supply Money Due
JHS-Varsity Baseball at St. James
JMS - Family Literacy Night
JMS - Book Fair
JHS-JV Softball North Central Tournament
JHS-Golf vs. Andrews
JHS-Basketball vs. Scotts Branch (Home)
JHS-Varsity Baseball at Scotts Branch
JHS-Varsity Baseball at. East Clarendon
Varsity Softball vs. Hannah-Pamplico (Home)
JHS Varsity Softball at Carvers Bay
District Talent Show
Teacher Workday
JHS-JV Softball vs. Carolina Forest (Home)
JHS-Academic Challenge vs. Lee Central (HOME)
JHS-Winter Semi-Formal Dance
JMS - Show Choir Performs at Carolina Opry
JHS-Academic Challenge vs. Lake City (HOME)
JHS-JV Softball vs. East Clarendon (Home)
JHS-JV Softball at Hannah-Pamplico
JHS-Varsity Baseball at Hannah-Pamplico
Interim Reports
Classes Resume for Students
JHS-Track at Georgetown
JHS-Golf vs. Latta
JMS - Basketball vs. Georgetown @ Georgetown
New Year's Holiday
JHS-JV Baseball at Carvers Bay
JHS-Varsity Softball vs. Scotts Branch (DH) (Home)
JHS-Art Class and Art Club Field Trip to Art Fields in Lake City
Teacher Workday
JHS-Varsity Baseball at Darlington (scrimmage)
JHS-Varsity Softball Latta Pre-Season Tournament (TBA)
Spring Musical-"The Little Mermaid"
JHS-Exams Blocks 1 and 3
JHS-Varsity Baseball vs. Hannah-Pamplico (Home)
Interim Reports
135th Day of School
JMS - Basketball vs. Hemingway @ Home
Report Cards
JHS-Notification of Exemption
Teacher Workday
JHS-Basketball at Hannah-Pamplico
JMS - iReady Benchmark Testing
JHS-Track at Hannah-Pamplico
FSD5 Board Meeting
JHS-Golf vs. Andrews
FSD5 Board Meeting
JHS-Track at Carvers Bay
JHS-Varsity Baseball vs. Scotts Branch (Home)
Winter Break (e-learning day if needed)
JHS-Varsity Baseball at Waccamaw
JHS-Basketball at Hemingway
JMS - 2023 JMS Pageant
JHS-Academic Challenge vs. Marion (HOME)
JHS-Golf vs. Carvers Bay
JES Crazy About Reading Day
JMS-SIC Meeting
JHS-Volleyball Banquet
JHS-Pre-ACT Testing for Freshmen and Sophomores
JHS-Varsity Baseball vs. East Clarendon (Home)
Spring Break
e-Learning Weather Day (if needed)
JHS-Track at Hannah-Pamplico
JHS-Academic Challenge at East Clarendon
JES Hats Off to Reading
JHS-Varsity Softball at Green Sea Floyds
JHS-Varsity Softball at Georgetown
Half Day for Students
JES 1st/2nd Grade Christmas Program
Christmas Break
JHS-Basketball at East Clarendon
JHS Varsity Softball at Hannah-Pamplico
JHS JV Softball at St. James
JHS-Basketball at Carvers Bay
JHS-Senior Delivery Day (Jostens)
Auditions for Spring Musical
MLK Holiday: No School
JHS-JV Softball at South Florence
JHS-Academic Challenge vs. Carvers Bay (HOME)
JES Book Blast Begins
JHS-EOC Algebra 1
JHS-Basketball vs. Aynor (HOME)
JHS-Varsity Baseball at South Florence